We've round up our favourite cocktails courtesy of Craft and Cocktails that are perfect for New Year's Eve at home! We love nothing more than experimenting with cocktails in the comfort of our own home, comfy in our pj's and the below recipes are super easy to re-create on New Years Eve!

Empress Elderflower Spanish Gin & Tonic
2 oz Empress Gin
4–5 oz Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic
2 pink grapefruit slices
10 juniper berries
1 rosemary sprig
Chill the drinking glass for 15 minutes. Add ice to the glass. Squeeze one slice of grapefruit into the glass and discard. Add the other grapefruit slice, the juniper berries, and rosemary sprig to the glass. Pour gin into the glass. Add the tonic and stir before drinking.

Amaro Frosé
32 oz (950 ml) rosé
3 oz (90 ml) fresh lemon juice
5 oz (150 ml) simple syrup
14 frozen strawberries (about 1 lb/450 g)
7 oz (210 ml) Amaro Montenegro or Aperol
2 oz (60 ml) vodka
garnish: 4 lemon twists, 4 strawberries, 4 edible flowers

Distribute rosé and lemon juice into ice cube trays and freeze, in batches if needed.
Prepare simple syrup.
Once the liquids are frozen, combine them with the remaining ingredients in a blender. Blend well.
Scoop into glasses. Express a lemon twist over each glass and add as a garnish, along with a strawberry and an edible flower.

Vanilla Blackberry Brandy Highball
2 1/4 oz Bertoux Brandy (c/o Bertoux)
1/2 oz Vanilla Blackberry Syrup, recipe below
1/2 oz Lillet
4 1/2 oz soda water
garnish: lemon peel*, blackberry, edible flowers
Add ice to a high ball glass, preferably a long spear. Add brandy, Vanilla Blackberry Syrup, and Lillet to the glass, trying to avoid pouring onto the ice. Stir well to combine. To create the ombre effect, pour soda water slowly over the back of a spoon or alternatively, using a bar spoon, pour the soda down the steam of the spoon into the glass. The controlled pour keeps the denser base of spirit and syrup from mixing. You’ll want to stir the drink well to inappropriate the soda water before sipping so you get a well balanced sip! Express lemon peel over the glass. Garnish with lemon peel, blackberry and edible flower.

Chartreuse Swizzle
1 1/2 ounces green chartreuse
1 ounce pineapple juice
3/4 ounce lime juice
1/2 ounce falernum
garnish: mint sprig, lime wheel, pineapple leaves
optional: spritz of mezcal
Add all the ingredients into a shaker tin and stir.
Pour into a highball glass.
Fill the glass with crushed ice and mix by spinning a swizzle stick or bar spoon between the palm of your hands until the outside of the glass gets frosty.
Top with more crushed ice. Garnish.
Spritz with mezcal if using.

Make sure to check out the website for more recipes, Ashley also has a book out too that we highly recommend - you can shop here
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