The Benefits of using  Silk Eye Mask and Pillowcase
There’s nothing we love more than a good night’s sleep and our Mulberry Silk Eye Mask & Pillowcase Set, part of our Rosie Fortescue Collection, is proven to help!
From improving your skin and hair to helping you relax, here are some of the benefits of using a silk eye mask and pillow:
  • Less trouble falling asleep
According to sleep experts, wearing a sleep mask is the best way to reduce the time that you spend awake in bed trying to get to sleep. Wearing a sleep mask blocks out any light that would otherwise prevent you from falling asleep. 
  • Fight Visible Signs of Ageing 
Not only does a silk pillowcase feel amazing against your skin, a range of experts also suggest that silk can help reduce the signs of ageing.
The smooth, tight weave of natural silk fabric keeps moisture close to your skin, and will leave your face feeling more hydrated than sleeping with cotton or polyester fibres. Naturally hydrated, plump skin cells show fewer lines and wrinkles, meaning you’ll wake up looking and feeling radiant. 
Silk also contains natural chemicals which speed up the metabolism of your skin. This means that your skin cells develop and repair more quickly than normal when sleeping with silk.
  • Helps you to Relax
The gentle pressure of wearing a silk eye mask has a calming effect, similar to that of a hug which releases a sleep regulating chemical called serotonin. This will help you to relax, switch off from your everyday stresses and feel tired enough to fall asleep.
  • No more bad hair days! 
Using a silk pillowcase provides great benefits for your hair. The smoothness of a silk pillowcase can be found to reduce thinning of the hair and split ends. The anti-static qualities in the silk fabric can also prevent your hair from knotting.
The silk pillowcase can even leave your hair with reduced grease in the morning - although silk doesn’t absorb moisture, it does wick moisture to ensure the excess moisture in your hair is removed, and also takes grease away from your body. 
  • Soothes your Skin 
Silk can help ease flakey, dry or itchy skin. It is a great solution for eczema sufferers or if you have sensitive, easily-irritated skin. The natural protein and essential amino acid in silk makes it a natural, skin-friendly material.  

Our Mulberry Silk Eye Mask & Pillowcase Set, part of our Rosie Fortescue Collection, has all these benefits and more. Plus, the hot pink trim and embroidery star detail make them a beauty must-have.
September 09, 2021 — Night Store